15 1 / 2014

10-Day Juice Fast - Day 6

I am cheating all over the place. Evening meals, and a post run breakfast  on Sunday (Day 3) to be specific; however, all the other meals I am juicing (or nutri-bulleting)

The program calls for reduced exercise and physical activity if you are already active, and this just flies in the face of my rather intense training.

But, I am still off coffee, and that hasn’t been too terribly difficult. Also, I am noticing better sleep, better stomach comfort, more consistent bathroom patterns, and increased energy and focus.

I’ve noticed small weight loss, but because I’m not strict, not the rapid loss I expected or have seen by others who are.

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11 1 / 2014

10-Day Juice Fast - Day 2

Its easy to see how the pounds will drop quickly, and especially as an athlete. I feel like I can already see a leaner physique in the mirror. Mostly, that’s probably water loss in muscle cells, but still.

Ran 6 miles today, 5 hard training ones at 7:08 avg pace. Felt a little light on the calories, but the effort would have been hard no matter what.

Other observations, sweating more, a little light-headed, …and yea, man, I’m starving for real food.

10 1 / 2014

10-Day Juice Fast

Here we go again. A new ‘experiment’ around juice fasting.

Mine will be a bit different as I will be adding extra protein in the form of raw eggs in my juice and juice smoothies.

Goal: While weight loss is sure to follow, its not really my goal. I’m pretty happy at 198, healthy, fit and strong, but I’m more interested in the detox. I’ve made other changes in my life that will compliment this effort greatly.

I’m going to do periodic updates, but not daily (unless that just happens). Instead, I am going to do a complete write-up after the 10 days. I think that’s more valuable for people interested in the experiment.

My inspiration: The documentary Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead. Check it out! It’s a good one.

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12 6 / 2013

Workouts increasing, along with food intake

I’m hungry all the time. I’m not sure how this effecting my efforts, but my food intake has increased steadily for awhile now.

eye on it…

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12 6 / 2013

whole30 - day 10

paleo coffee

2 eggs, cocmilk, chia, cocwater

angus patty

angus patty

paleo trail mix

eye round with olives with almonds and strawberries and garlic cloves in olive oil

more olives

small t-bone steak and fruit salad

almond butter with smashed fruit (nemesis)

11 6 / 2013

whole30 - day 9

paleo coffee

egg powder, cinn, chia, coconut water

red pepper burger patty

paleo trail mix

paleo sausage with red peppers


hot pickle

tons of blueberries, strawberries, almond butter, & fruit spread.

celery with guac

beef jerky

bone-in pork chop

10 6 / 2013

whole30 - day 8

paleo coffee

pumpkin, coconut oil, coconut water, cinnamon, chia

egg powder, cinnamon

angus patty

curry chicken, paleo trail mix

eye round, mustard, a lot of cherries

almond butter spoonfuls, with smashed fruit

olives with almonds, celery sticks with guac

09 6 / 2013

whole30 - day 7

paleo coffee

4 slices eye round, mustard, 16 cherries

apple, strawberry,bluberry, cheery smoothie with hemp protein and supergreen

3 eggs, black coffee

eye round with mustard, handful cherries

08 6 / 2013

6 days in - Feelin good

I like the way I feel.

I’m never ‘stuffed’ feeling, or bloated, and can always train or do anything just a few minutes after eating.

energy levels, consistent.

training recovery, noticeably faster and more complete

but cravings? yup, they are still there and come dramatically in waves. I have found waves to fight them off, but its very hard.

weight has stayed pretty much the same, but I appear leaner. Interesting…

20% there. 24 more days to go.

07 6 / 2013

whole30 - day 6

paleo coffee

eggs and mushrooms and garlic

beef brisket

bag of beef jerky, 3/4 pound cherries

grass-fed farm burger patty

olives stuffed with almonds

06 6 / 2013

whole 30 - day 5

paleo coffee

paleo burger w/bacon

handful walnuts, 1 beef jerky

spicy chicken, pickle

steak with peppers, onions

cherries, strawberries, pineapple, kiwi fruit salad

05 6 / 2013

whole30 - day 4

paleo coffee

egg, carrot juice, apple cider vinegar

1/2 lb roast beef
11 cherries
6 olives with almonds

(not enough food)

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04 6 / 2013

whole30 - day 3

paleo coffee: coffee, coconut oil, ghee, cinnamon, vanilla

post-workout: carrot juice, coconut water, raw egg, chia

4 almonds, 1 piece buffalo jerky

2 eggs, black coffee

8 almonds, 2 pieces jerky

~1/4 eye round with grey poupon
12 cherries
~1/2 avocado

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03 6 / 2013

whole30 - day 2

smoothie - protein mix, pumpkin, coconut oil, chia

2 eggs in coconut oil w/onion

16 cherries and almonds

1.5 tbone (thin) with tomatoes and cucumbers in balsamic


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02 6 / 2013

whole30 - day 1

2 eggs in coconut oil

6 almonds

ribeye steak
cucumbers/tomatoes in balsamic vin

8 shrimp
1/4 lb roast beef
1 slice ham

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